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      Available November 1, 2016

    By C. D. Bell

    YA: ages 12+

    6″ x 9″ 

    400 pages



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Praise for WEREGIRL:

"Weregirl FINALLY makes a girl the center of a classic werewolf story. It's the feminist werewolf YA novel you never knew you wanted -- and it was written unlike any other book you've read before." --Revelist

"A heart-gripping story of danger and magical transformation." — Eliot Schrefer, two-time National Book Award Finalist and author of Rescued.
"I literally devoured [Weregirl] in one sitting."  — Imogen Thompson, WanderedSouls Book Blog.
"In a space crowded by stories where the writing only lights up at the mention of teen romances that feel more like entrapments, Nessa Kurland comes to life in 400 pages dedicated to the personal empowerment found through the struggles and gains of athletic achievement, and the way running helps us to escape the stresses of daily life. Magical stresses created by a wolf bite give the story extra punch, and of course, there are a few kisses." — Emma Bay-Hansen, 11th and 12th grade social studies teacher, Danville High School.
"...a solid story with engaging characters..." — Publishers Weekly.
"Weregirl is like a superhero origin story and a mystery wrapped in a supernatural guise." — Jennifer Lutton, Bookseller at VJ Books.
"Weregirl was surprisingly refreshing...three parallel story lines seamlessly come together for an action-packed conclusion. A classic werewolf story with a twist." — Alex Prekeges, Young at Heart Book Blog.